Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What makes you happy?

I am super excited to start a new feature on my blog - What makes you happy? I have already had a great response from friends and fellow bloggers and I cannot wait for my first "What makes you happy?" next week BUT until then I wanted to share what makes me happy. Without sounding too cheesy or cliche I really believe in identifying what makes us happy and trying to do more of that thing. 

What makes me happy : 
(1) Beach side reading - I have recently gotten a kindle and it is so convenient but I must admit I do miss turning the pages of a book. 
(2) Domino, The Book of Decorating - This is my design bible and the best interior design resource I know plus its packed with lots of eye candy! 
(3)My babies - Skippy and Alvin 
(4) Any type of Starbucks coffee but if I'm going to be fussy - Grande decaf non fat no whip white mocha :)
(5)Fresh flowers - especially tulips 
(6)Cupcakes - preferably cutesy ones like these 
(7) "The Help" - both the movie and the book 
(8) Children smiling - there is nothing better than seeing a child smile or hearing them laugh. I fell in love with these kids in South Africa a few years ago and just looking at this photo makes me happy. 
(9) Mani's and Pedi's - My fave colour is Bubble Bath by OPI 
(10) "I love my life" by Demarco - such a feel good song and I can't help but sing along and smile when I hear it. 

*For more about my "What makes you happy?" feature view here or if you are interested in being featured email me at lovedesigninc@yahoo.com*