Friday, November 11, 2011

Coastal Christmas

While I do love a traditional green and red christmas I have been finding myself drawn to a more Coastal inspired christmas theme this year. In my own home I have filled glass vases with shells and silver balls and incorporated starfish into the wreath on the door. I love these Coastal inspired christmas ideas below and the fresh new take on holiday decor. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gold and Black GLAMOUR!

Recently my love for simplicity and comfort has been compromised by a love of all things glamourous. Gold and black glamour has been calling my name recently and my pinterest board - Gold and Glam has been overflowing with inspiration. A few of the gold and black glamorous rooms that have recently caught my eye and are overflowing with richness can be seen below. I love the black floors and gold accents in the home of Jennifer Ferreira ( see her designer profile here )in the first image. The second room is a combination of black, gold and chevron therefore nothing short of amazing and lastly the home office via Ralph Lauren home screams GLAMOUR! 

Sunday afternoon inspiration from The Decorista*

I have been missing in action for a couple months now and really have no good excuse except that I wasn't well and was finding it nearly impossible to be inspired by anything. I should have known to look no further than one of my favourite blogs by one of my favourite bloggers - The Decorista by Ashlina Kaposta. Her blog and facebook page managed to pull me out of my funk and while I am not better, I sure am feeling better. Below are a few images of hers that caught my eye. Enjoy and lots of love***

Hopefully when I'm better I can find myself lounging out by the pool!

Until then I'll be curled up in bed with a good book!

This amazing entertainment center inspired my next post! 
*P.S Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive during the last few weeks/ months.