Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest post : Moroccan Doorways & Details *

I jumped at the chance to do a feature post for Love Design* when Tash asked me to keep an eye out for design features on a recent trip to Morocco, so that we could create a link between Love Design* and my blog Skip to Malou*. Love Design* has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few months thanks to Tash’s incredible eye for design and great writing style. I’m a postgrad Political Science student and my blog Skip to Malou* focuses on a little bit of everything; photography, travel, media, politics and interesting tidbits.  I hope this feature on Moroccan interiors manages to wet everyone’s appetites, enjoy !

Xx Malou

Morocco is a country of intricate beauty, rich colours and astounding attention to detail; every inch of interior design has been carefully thought out and has a deep, symbolic meaning. A Moroccan styled room, or even a small Moroccan detail, within any home adds a touch of character and charm.

The arched, mosaic doorways found in the Royal palaces are the fruit of thousands of hours of manual labour spent chipping away at marble, iron, copper and stone, to achieve such a grandeur (yet dizzying) effect.
Moroccans use variations of Fatima’s hand as the symbol of femininity and protection within their homes, found commonly on curtain tassles, etchings and in artwork.
What blew my mind was the incredible attention to detail in every day items; from tiling to table tops, carved chairs to curtains…even the door knockers are beautifully crafted!

These beautiful bottles would look lovely on a vanity or dressing table.

Of course, we can’t talk about Moroccan interiors without mentioning world renowned Moroccan carpets. The most coveted carpets are soft and silky, made from camel wool which is painstakingly hand woven by women. With carpets used everywhere from cars to hallways, you’d think a magical flying carpet was easier to find.

*Check out Tash’s post ‘The Barbadian Chattel House’ on Skip to Malou*


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