Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrity Home

I have to admit that I am still suffering from what  I call "blog block" and even though I have a lot of ideas I am having trouble putting them down on paper. Lucky for me I came across the amazing home of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne designed by one of my favourite designers, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard in the latest Architectural Digest and it kind of spoke for itself. I love that so many of the furniture pieces are Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design and as a result so unique and to quote him "delicious". 

All images via Architectural Digest


  1. Isn't her home beautiful! I did a post about it and fell in love with everything. Sharon has amazing taste! :)

  2. I love her home, such opulence, just divine.
    Lisa xx

  3. Thanks for the comments! Her house is AMAZING (my favourite word!)
    Linh - I will be sure to check it out :)

  4. This is just the opposite of what I would expect from this couple, it's so light and pretty. Love the Chinoiserie wallpaper and the color palette.. heck, I love it all!

    xo Linda