Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love for black walls

I often find myself blogging about similar things but when I come across spaces as magnificent as this I cannot help it. It is very rare that I come across a space that has so many elements that I am in love with. The combination of those fabulous glossy black walls, the shells, white armchair with black piping, the gold mirror and the black chest of drawers just screams to me. I may not be adventurous enough to paint a wall black but I’m racking my brain to find a suitable door or piece of furniture that needs updating. 

Image via Decor8

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The perfect outdoor space

While I usually try very hard to find original images that have not been taken from one blog and plopped onto mine I could not help it with this one which was featured on The Decorista two days ago. This is just the epitome of outdoor rooms and I can only dream about relaxing in a space just like this one.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Casual Cool

I'm heading up to my beach house now for the weekend and I wanted to share this beautiful snippet of a casual cool space featured in Coastal Living before I left as I will be without internet for two days. I describe my decorating aesthetic as Coastal Chic but I am partial to comfortable and casual spaces. I love the simplicity of this room which is accomplished by the colour palette, use of relaxed furniture and simple natural accessories. For more Coastal inspired interiors visit my Coastal Decor pinterest board here or take a look at this post on Coastal Chic.

Million Dollar Decorators

As always I am blown away by the immense talent of the cast of Million Dollar Decorators every time I finish watching. In the last episode Mary Mcdonald pulled out all the stops in designing the entry tent for the Los Angeles Antique Show and I was blown away by the chevron pattern on the walls and floors - what a statement! The space was true to Mary Mcdonald and was pure glamour incorporating mid-century and modern antiques. I was only able to find two pictures which hardly do the space justice so you will have to watch to see what I am talking about! 

Images Via Niagara Novice

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Review: Decorate

I was very excited to receive Decorate book in the mail today and have had it on my mind all day while working through my various jobs. I finally sat down with it an hour ago and could barely put it down to write this. It is filled with a 1,000 design ideas for every room in the home along with quotes from well known designers, floor plans and overall inspiration. Decorate is 272 pages full of eye candy and I suggest it to everyone who loves design! 

Available here

Chattel Houses*

Don't forget to check out my post on Barbadian Chattel houses over at Skip to Malou* blog! 

Images thanks to Ins & Outs of Barbados mag. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest post : Moroccan Doorways & Details *

I jumped at the chance to do a feature post for Love Design* when Tash asked me to keep an eye out for design features on a recent trip to Morocco, so that we could create a link between Love Design* and my blog Skip to Malou*. Love Design* has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few months thanks to Tash’s incredible eye for design and great writing style. I’m a postgrad Political Science student and my blog Skip to Malou* focuses on a little bit of everything; photography, travel, media, politics and interesting tidbits.  I hope this feature on Moroccan interiors manages to wet everyone’s appetites, enjoy !

Xx Malou

Morocco is a country of intricate beauty, rich colours and astounding attention to detail; every inch of interior design has been carefully thought out and has a deep, symbolic meaning. A Moroccan styled room, or even a small Moroccan detail, within any home adds a touch of character and charm.

The arched, mosaic doorways found in the Royal palaces are the fruit of thousands of hours of manual labour spent chipping away at marble, iron, copper and stone, to achieve such a grandeur (yet dizzying) effect.
Moroccans use variations of Fatima’s hand as the symbol of femininity and protection within their homes, found commonly on curtain tassles, etchings and in artwork.
What blew my mind was the incredible attention to detail in every day items; from tiling to table tops, carved chairs to curtains…even the door knockers are beautifully crafted!

These beautiful bottles would look lovely on a vanity or dressing table.

Of course, we can’t talk about Moroccan interiors without mentioning world renowned Moroccan carpets. The most coveted carpets are soft and silky, made from camel wool which is painstakingly hand woven by women. With carpets used everywhere from cars to hallways, you’d think a magical flying carpet was easier to find.

*Check out Tash’s post ‘The Barbadian Chattel House’ on Skip to Malou*

Recycled Furniture

It is no secret that “going green” is the way of the future and for good reason what with all the changes going on in our environment. Green Living Online recently did a round up of recycled patio furniture and I don’t know about you but I definitely cannot tell that it made from recycled materials. There are many advantages to using recycled furniture apart from the obvious one that you are giving second life to materials that otherwise would end up in the waste. You get the look of wooden furniture but without the high maintenance, these recycled materials will not rot, mildew, mould, split or crack. 

Garden benches by Cascades 
Lounge chairs from C.R. Plastic Products 
Porch rockers from C.R. Plastic Products

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outdoor Living Ideas

I know I have been blogging about outdoor living a lot recently but it is just because it really is the best time of year to get outside and enjoy. Below are a few very simple ideas to enjoy the outdoors which anyone can accomplish by just running to the hardware store or even rummaging in storage. Some great ways to bring old cushions back to life are reupholstering in new colourful fabric and if possible use fabric which is waterproof or splash proof such as Sunbrella so you can easily wipe them off and go again. For more outdoor living ideas check out this post here on Outdoor Living Love. 

All it takes is some comfy colourful cushions, a drinks basket and the sun to enjoy this space!  
Grab that hammock that has been hiding inside for ages and find the perfect place for it in the shade, pair that with a book, a snack and a drink and you're set for the afternoon! 
This one may require a little bit more work but is so worth it! What you need to create this arabian style tent - sheer muslin and four wooden posts. Add a lounge chair or large blanket underneath and relax
* All images via Homes and Gardens 

Beautiful bathrooms

I had originally planned to do a post about bronze bath tubs and while looking for them I kept coming across beautiful bathrooms sans bronze tubs so I decided to save the search for another day and focus in on some of these beautiful bathrooms instead. I love the elegance and simplicity of white on white and the versatility it gives a space. All of the rooms featured below have the same white base but are completely different spaces due to accessories and fixtures and have their own unique character. What is your preference? Do you prefer the glamour or charm? See more beautiful bathrooms on my pinterest board Beautiful bathrooms or check out this post

Via House Beautiful

Via House Beautiful

Via Country Living 

Via House Beautiful
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Friday, July 15, 2011

What's on your desk?

If you are like me you spend most of your time at a desk and while it should be a practical space conducive to work I believe it should also reflect your personal taste. On my desk – Macbook pro, lots of candles, ipod dock, fresh flowers, a stylish lamp, pens and pencils and above it a big memo board with lots of magazine clippings, inspirational sayings and photos.

Oprah Winfrey's desk featured in Vanity Fair

Designed by Armonia Decors 
Designed by Ballard Designs 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Lennoxx

I want to thank the lovely Linda over at the AMAZING Lennoxx blog for adding me to her blog roll. I'm super honored to be on such an (here I go again) AMAZING site! Be sure to check out her blog on the talented designer Lauren Liess. 

Designed by Lauren Liess and featured on the Lennoxx

The ultimate outdoor living space

I know I have blogged about outdoor living before but never have I seen an outdoor space like this one which actually reminds me a lot of the game lodge I stayed in when I was in South Africa – Makalali Resort. While we may not all have the view or this amount as space, there are ways to accomplish open living. 

Tips for Outdoor Living
1. Whether we have a balcony, deck, or a paved space, the easiest fix is to move some furniture outside. Make sure it is weather proof before you do so. If you don’t have weather proof furniture and are willing to purchase it there are a lot of options for sale and Sunbrella has a great assortment of fabrics which you can use to upholster.
2. If you are lucky enough to be building or looking to renovate the best way to open the space and have the inside and outside flow together is installing glass sliding doors or french doors. The glass doors allow in natural light and provide a view that instantly makes the space feel larger and more open whether the doors are open or closed.
3. Not renovating or building, no problem. Weather permitting open doors and let natural light inside and allow inside and outside to flow together. 

Whatever you do, get outside and enjoy summer! Lots of Love**

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrity Home

I have to admit that I am still suffering from what  I call "blog block" and even though I have a lot of ideas I am having trouble putting them down on paper. Lucky for me I came across the amazing home of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne designed by one of my favourite designers, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard in the latest Architectural Digest and it kind of spoke for itself. I love that so many of the furniture pieces are Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design and as a result so unique and to quote him "delicious". 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Designer Profile* Armonia Decors

While going through High Gloss Magazine recently I fell in LOVE with Emily Ruddo of Armonia Decors home. Every single detail was perfection and I have looked at it time and time again since then. As always I went scoping the internet to find out what I could about her and found her website and it was a treasure trove of one beautiful room after another. Then I found her blog and I was equally blown away. Armonia Decors (Emily Ruddo) philosophy is to "create for her clients harmonious environments that provide a sanctuary from their often hectic lives" and I have to say if my home looked anything like hers I would never leave! 

All images via Armonia Decors

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Black doors

A few weeks ago when I was trolling other blogs for inspiration I came across these two rooms back to back and fell in LOVE with those glamorous black doors and instantly had the need to paint a door somewhere in my house. Somehow the images got put into a folder on my desktop and left there until this weekend when I finally had time to tackle that folder and I knew they needed to be featured before I lost them again. I still haven't painted a wall but I don't love them any less and both rooms are extremely glam and luxe thanks to those wonderful black doors.

Via Lonny
Via The Decorista

Beautifully Blue

I just spent an hour walking around one of my favourite local stores: Dwellings and was drawn to everything blue whether it was baby blue, navy blue or turquoise I was loving it! I then sat down over at Timothy Oulton (another favourite store which I am determined to buy something other than a book from) to have one of the best cappuccinos on the island and the first thing I saw was this amazingly beautiful blue room featured on Hgtv’s blog. It’s not often that a completely monochromatic room grabs me but this one did. I love the different variations of colour and pattern and THAT CHANDELIER is to die for! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Tiffany Suite

Who doesn't love Tiffany's and part of their charm is the iconic "Tiffany blue" box. We've seen an office with the colour and now there is a WHOLE ROOM! It's the new Tiffany suite at Manhattan's St. Regis hotel. It is a brand-new 1,700 sq ft suite and is classic "Tiffany's" - robin's egg blue, classic decorative pieces, mirrored end tables and white lacquer and I'm LOVING every bit of it. Some other elements I'm loving apart from the obvious colour choice are the glamourous chandeliers and wall sconces. I wouldn't expect anything less from the St. Regis ! 

All images via The Business Insider

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Colourful and Chic Space

I often stumble across rooms that I like while searching for other things on the internet and they get put in a folder on my desktop which I’m meant to get back to but never do. This weekend while at the beach house I was without internet and I finally got to that folder and came across many treasures. One of which was this room that I fell in love with all over again. I love the stark white daybed and contrasting bright cushions and that garden stool is beautiful! Daybeds are such versatile pieces of furniture and are perfect solution for small spaces, see more small space solutions here. Keeping a daybed a neutral colour like white or cream also increases is versatility and by changing out throw cushions and accessories allows it's look to be updated easily.

Cozy and Calm Coastal Living

While sorting out photos today I came across this room and cannot believe that I have never blogged about it. The colour scheme is so calm and cool and the subtle use of natural elements really makes the room what it is. As always I’m drawn to the details and I can’t help but notice the coffee table, driftwood and lantern and how they contribute to the overall aesthetic of the entire room. This really is a calm and cozy space where I can imagine myself retiring to after a long morning on the beach. For more coastal interior design ideas and inspiration visit my Coastal Decor board on Pinterest. Lots of love ***

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you a Mac or a PC ?

It seems that everywhere you look personal computers are being replaced by Mac’s. All the stylish offices are not without a large screen Mac sitting on the desk and the amazing Parsons desk would be lost without one sitting on top. Recently I went to my doctor and with a click of the mouse he was showing me research to back up his claim – all on his beautiful and big Mac screen. Even I have fallen victim, I am now a Mac girl and I will never go back. What about you? Are you a Mac or a PC? 

Image via Rue online magazine
Office of Jen Ramos of MadebyGirl
Via Rue online magazine 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Decorating with Shells

While reading Matchbook I came across their picks of favourite sea shells and I realized that while I have a love for seashells and using natural elements to bring the outside in I have never blogged about them! They are a big part in my designs and I use them a lot in decorating jobs especially because they are easily obtainable living on an island. Whether used in vases, on mantels or ingeniously to make a beautiful mirror they are such a great way to add character and interest to a room. See other ways to use shells and natural elements to bring interest to your rooms here.