Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reading Nooks

I know that I say “I love” A LOT but it’s only because I honestly love nearly everything about the spaces that I feature. One thing I am lusting after at the moment is a reading nook. I have my office where I work and my bedroom where I sleep but wish I had a little space where I could cuddle up with a plush throw and a good book (I’m currently reading “The Help” ) while searching for ideas I came across a few. Enjoy and lots of love***

Source Unkown
Via Canadian House and Home 
Via Decorpad


  1. These are so beautiful! I feel the same way...I love just about everything. The Husband is always like "is there anything you don't love?" :) This is just another thing to add onto the list of things I want for our next home.

  2. A reading nook would definitely be nice. LOVE the one in the first image, the curtains are just perfect =)

    xox Linda

  3. Thanks for the comments! A reading nook is definitely on my wish list for my home!