Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am a big fan of the little things in life and I am constantly drawn to the small details. One of my favourite places to go as a child used to be to my Great Gran's dressing table. I can still picture the detailed mahogany of the table, the bevelled glass mirrors and gold claw feet of the matching chair vividly. Scattered on the top was her magnificent collection of jewellry, perfumes in beautiful crystal bottles and a lovely green hand mirror that I am lucky enough to have been given. I think it is because of this memory that I find myself drawn to dressing tables and counter tops. While I do not have a picture of my Gran's dressing table I have rounded up some of my favourites. 

Image Via Rue Mag
Image Via meohmymama
Image Via Rue Mag
Image Via Pink Wallpaper

Image Via House to Home