Thursday, March 31, 2011

Room of the Day*Edgy Classic

The living room of Sara Ruffin Costello featured on the pages of "Domino; The Book of Decorating" is one of my favourite. Described as Edgy Classic it combines both traditional pieces such as the crystal chandelier and the brass library lamp with more clean lined pieces such as the daybed which the room is centered around. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sleek and Chic. The Parsons Desk

Office spaces are one of my favourite spaces to search the internet for especially since at the moment I am working from my home office and always looking for ideas and inspiration. One of my favourite pieces of office furniture has to be the "Parsons desk". A chic piece with clean lines and it is so multifunctional it can be used as a desk, console table or even a vanity. Available from West Elm in an assortment of finishes and colours. It is no surprise that some of my favourite work spaces contain this desk. See more inspired office spaces here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Room of the Day

This living room designed by Mary Macdonald Interiors showcases just how well this unexpected colour scheme works. The fun fuschia pink pops against the dark dramatic blue on the walls and furniture and the white adds a crisp cleanliness to the space which prevents it from being too dark. I think I'm in Love! 

Image Via Ada and Darcy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am a big fan of the little things in life and I am constantly drawn to the small details. One of my favourite places to go as a child used to be to my Great Gran's dressing table. I can still picture the detailed mahogany of the table, the bevelled glass mirrors and gold claw feet of the matching chair vividly. Scattered on the top was her magnificent collection of jewellry, perfumes in beautiful crystal bottles and a lovely green hand mirror that I am lucky enough to have been given. I think it is because of this memory that I find myself drawn to dressing tables and counter tops. While I do not have a picture of my Gran's dressing table I have rounded up some of my favourites. 

Image Via Rue Mag
Image Via meohmymama
Image Via Rue Mag
Image Via Pink Wallpaper

Image Via House to Home

Friday, March 18, 2011

Room Of the Day* Home Office

I spent quite a while today cleaning and organizing my home office and as I sat down just now to find something to blog about this jumped off of The Decorista's blog! How perfect is this office? Tons of storage, beautiful paint colour and accessories, gorgeous table and chairs and a big memo board over the desk, what more could you ask for? I wish my office looked like this! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love where you live

I have seen this room online before and thought what a beautiful small space, then when I spotted it on a blog - down and out chic on Tumblr with this great quote I knew it had to be my "Room of the Day". It is exactly the attitude I have towards design as I believe it is so important to love where you live and be in a space that makes you happy. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Designer Profile* Miles Redd

Miles Redd is argueably one of my favourite interior designers. He was originally a film student at NYU but found himself more interested in set design than film. After university he worked for an antiques dealer and then Interior Designer Bunny Williams.  

Image Via New York Magazine

His apartment in the East village became the testing ground for his distinctive style. Quoted from his site "His tiny East Village apartment became a laboratory for his particular brand of cozy glamour: he painted the floor in an emerald green harlequin pattern, stacked books to the ceiling, and hung works of art ranging from his own figure drawings to a 19th century copy of a Velásquez Infanta". ( I have been trying to find words to describe his style and brand and I think "Cozy Glamour" could not be any more accurate. )

After studying briefly in France he returned to New York and started decorating friends apartments, in 1998 opened his own office in Noho and in 2003 Redd was named creative director of Oscar de la Renta Home. He has also been featured in New York Magazine, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, W, House and Garden and MANY blogs over the internet....just "google" him but be careful because before you know it you will have gotten lost in the world that is Miles Redd. 

Some of my favourite work of his is when he uses laquer on the walls. Not only is it a very innovative concept but very difficult to accomplish but as with everything else he does it impeccably. Below are a few of my favourite rooms of his. 

Green & Gorgeous

In honour of St. Patricks day I have rounded up two GORGEOUS green spaces by designer Miles Redd. 


I have been in a funk of just dragging and dropping images all day hoping to find one that shouts out to me to blog about it. Anytime I am lacking inspiration there are a few places I go that I am guaranteed to find something, one of which is Lonny Mag, which is where I found this STUNNING bathroom designed by Christina Murphy. In one word... PERFECTION! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Room of the Day* Gloss and Glamour

I saw this room by Philip Gorrivan a while ago and my first reaction was "WOW" so it was no surprise that when Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita featured it today on her blog I had to save it and upload right away. The dark walls and gloss finish are what add the wow factor and make it so glamourous. If possible I love this room now more than before! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mood Board * Beach House Living Rooms

What do you think about these two "beach house" living rooms? Would you want to relax here? 

Reading Nook

I love this cozy little reading nook featured on the pages of Lonny. I can picture myself here with a book and a cup of coffee or tea! 

A few books on my Amazon Wish List


Friday, March 11, 2011

Weakness for Workspaces.

I have a serious weakness for work spaces, if I'm not gushing over headboards it is home offices and desks. I am currently working on both my bedroom and home office and cannot decide which one is more important. One is my sanctuary and yet I spend so little time there. The other is somewhere where I do spend a lot of time so seems more realistic at the moment (plus my bedroom got a little pick me up last week).

I love this space by Betsy Burnham, fun yet functional! 
How cool is the under desk storage in this room by Victoria Thompson? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Room of the Day* Stripes

Stripes are an instant way to add drama and interest to any room and the opportunities are endless! After seeing this room I am definitely inspired. The cool colour combination provides a very tranquil and relaxing space and even though there are quite a few patterns, prints and colours in the room it works well together and can easily be added to my list of favourite rooms.

For my bedroom I am thinking a horizontal white line about a foot down from the ceiling on my taupe walls. All that is required for this DIY is paint, painters tape and a paint brush and if I can do it, so can you! Will keep you posted but for some of my other DIY projects see my page. 

Image via DecorPad.
Some other rooms with stripes. 

Via Belle Maison

Monday, March 7, 2011

Room of the Day* Hollywood Glamour

Just as Audrey Hepburn is regarded in time as an icon synonymous with class and style this room should be also. I remember first seeing this space on the pages of Domino and falling instantly in love and I often find myself back here when looking for inspiration. I imagine myself one day having an office like this where I can entertain clients. While obviously beautiful the room is functional as well, the memo board on the cupboard provides storage and space for display.

As I said before I often take inspiration from this room and it is not limited to offices, above is a sitting area in a master bedroom. The cool colours are very tranquil and relaxing while items like the silver wallpaper and glass lamp add glamour to the space. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Colour Inspiration* Hermes Orange

Don't know what to do with all those left over Hermes boxes ? ... 

While not a dilemna most of us face I still fell in love when I saw this on Style Frizz. What a great idea! After seeing these I went in search of other rooms, furniture and accessories that were "Hermes Orange". 

I especially love the laquered boxes by Plantation and the X bench by Jonathan Adler. For more resources view my "Picks of the Day" page.