Thursday, October 28, 2010

Designer Profile * Mary Katrantzou

Very rarely if ever do we see a print of an interior on a fabric, that is until now! Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou recently debuted her  Spring/Summer 2011 line and did just that. Inspired by interiors from Architectural Digest her prints feature dining tables, chandeliers and swimming pools. Below are a few of my favourite. 

Mary Katrantzou was quoted saying "With this collection, I wanted to put the room on the woman, rather than the woman in the room," and I think it's safe to say she did just that!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Entertaining Ideas

Im not sure when I am going to find time to entertain but I have been planning to have a few people over for dinner and have been looking for different ideas. These are a few that have definately inspired me to get more creative. 

I love the rustic feel of this one, and how the piece of wood has been used as a runner, it is a very simple and cost effective idea and is a good idea to bring the outside in.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Office Inspiration

As I have already mentioned I finally got a much needed new computer so now my whole obsession with having a desk seems a lot more realistic than before. Ofcourse at the top of my wish list is a Parsons desk but if I have to be realistic that one isn't happening anytime soon! Below are a few desks and work spaces that actually make me want to work and that have given me some inspiration for my own. 

I am trying to find out more about this space but I know Ballard Designs has to be credited.While not entirely functional because of all the stuff on the work space I still love the little details and accessories, specifically the lamp and starburst mirror. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beside table styling

I am finding myself more and more often drawn to a room not only because of the overall aestetic but because of the details. Often it is those little things that make a space more personal and cozy. While I am planning to move eventually I've decided I can still work on my space. At the moment my bedroom is in a transitional period, going from rustic to what I hope to be a chic high end hotel look. Here are a few details that I am loving, especially the fresh flowers, tray and chic accessories.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Comfy Cozy Beds

You would assume that the word sunshine is synonomous with Barbados and the Caribbean but sadly that is not the case today, instead roads are flooding and the rain pouring. It could not be any more perfect weather for cuddling up in bed with a cup of tea and a good book, and while I am not so fortunate to be doing that I can still dream! While I am partial to glamour and elegance in a bedroom I am not prejudice, a comfy bed is a comfy bed. Some key ingredients when making a comfy cozy bed - lots of pillows, a lush throw and a heavy comforter or duvet. There are a few very different bedrooms below, all of which are calling me at this very moment! What is important to you in a bedroom, is it glamour or comfort? Check out this post on glamourous bedrooms if you are partial to the latter. Lots of love ***

I wish I was here...